Admissions to St. Paul’s Home

The admissions process for St. Paul’s Home usually begins with a conversation with our social worker or one of the Little Sisters. During this initial conversation the admission requirements are explained and we try to determine if the individual meets the admission criteria for the home.As step two in the process, the prospective Resident is invited to tour the home, meet some of the Sisters and current Residents, and talk more in depth with the social worker. During the conversation the applicant’s needs and desires are discussed and we begin to discern whether those needs and desires can be met at St. Paul’s Home.

The third and final part of the process involves documenting the applicant’s prior health history and any current health concerns through their primary care physician.

If at any point we feel that we are unable to meet an applicant’s needs, we are happy to suggest other facilities and resources in the community which may be helpful to the applicant and their family.

For more information about admissions, please contact Mary Vangelhoff at