“Truck Full of Love” Comes to Little Sisters

This Thanksgiving our home has much to be thankful for.  Cincinnati’s LaSalle High School started our Thanksgiving off on a high note. Over 30 students accompanied a semi-truck full of canned goods to our home. The schools “Truck Full of Love” is a food drive program carried out by over 400 students. Since September, the school has hosted ‘canvassing nights’ when students visit area neighborhoods asking for food donations. Yes, LaSalle students have their own experience of the Little Sisters’ begging tradition.

The fruits of their efforts blessed our home with thousands of pounds of food. Their contribution provides a 6 month supply of canned and dried foods. It took the students over 2 hours to unload the boxes, and place them in our store room. With true Little Sisters’ hospitality, we provided juice and donuts—much-needed refreshment after such hard work.

LaSalle High School is an inspiration to our home and Residents. The students’ enthusiasm reminds us that together, we will feed the elderly poor with grateful joy.

For more information and pictures of LaSalle High School’s “Truck Full of Love,” visit their website at:  http://www.lasallehs.net/s/1274/index.aspx?sid=1274&gid=1&pgid=833






LaSalle students work together to unload hundreds of boxes filled with canned food. Our carts helped make the job a little lighter.

A celebratory moment:  The student donation team and their teacher Mr. Chris Winiarski (in jacket and red tie) stop for a group picture in front of their tremendous food donation.