Meet the Family

“It’s such a blessing to be here. Even though I have been at St. Paul’s for such a short time, everyone has made me feel right at home.”
—Father Valens Waldschmid shown with Sr. Emmanuel Maria

“Working with residents is wonderful. They make my day so much better, and I hope I am able to do the same for them.”

—Rose Reyes, Dietary Aide picturd with Evelyn Hamlin

“The Residents here are so fun to be around. They are so funny and great to work with everyday.”

—Kathy Osbon, Physical Therapy pictured with Bill Osterman

“I have been volunteering in laundry for a very long time. The staff here is so kind and friendly and I really enjoy giving my time back to my home.”

—Janet Schmits, Resident pictured with launry staff member Denise Manis

“Celebrating holidays and birthdays are wonderful opportunities for the Sisters, Residents, and staff to enjoy – each other’s company and have fun.”

—Sister Agatha pictured with Resident Emilia Lanzillotta

“Esther is a true blessing to our home. She is so patient with our residents and their requests, which helps in making St. Paul’s Home a true family enviroment.”

—Tori Kadish, Laundry Supervisor pictured with Volunteer Esther Root

“Working with the Residents is so rewarding – they bring so much joy to the Home and staff. It’s great to see them thrive here.”

—Housekeeping staff member Janis Myers shown with Rita Smith.

“I love working here! It’s important we make this a Home for our Residents and provide the best possible care. I commend the Little Sisters for what they do to make this a warm and loving place.”

—Registered Nurse Anna Ramos, shown with Margaret Geiser