Our Begging Tradition

Our foundress, Saint Jeanne Jugan, set before us a humble and charitable mission of begging for the needs of our elderly Residents. You might ask, ‘Why did she establish this tradition?” Out of absolute necessity. In 19th century France, poverty was extreme. Providing basic sustenance was a work of grace for Saint Jeanne Jugan, who went out daily to beg with basket in hand.In lieu of a basket today we have a “begging van.” Every day Sisters set out to visit businesses and markets seeking what is needed to care for our Residents.

Like St. Jeanne Jugan they seek contributions of food, supplies and personal care products.

Among the sixty-five businesses the Sisters visit regularly, some have provided food since the Sisters arrived in Cincinnati nearly 150 years ago.

“What gratitude we owe them!” she said. “Without them what should we be able to do for our poor old people? Let us pray, let us pray fervently for their intentions.”